imagesCan anyone help?

I was wondering.

Is there an actual physical law of nature, other than the ubiquitous Murphy’s law, that states that:

‘When decorating, the paint will be attracted to any clean item of clothing, any clean surface, or any person, within a twenty yard radius of the area in which you are painting.’

Now I will concede that I am not the best, most careful painter in the world, far from it. However, I have been taking extra special care, using dust sheets, masking tape and anything that I can to ensure that paint does not suspiciously find its way to places it bloody well shouldn’t.

But here’s the thing. It always fucking  does. Always. However little painting I do. However much care I take.

So there you have it. It simply has to be some actual law of nature to which I am not privy.

Your thoughts in comments please.