Free on Amazon – Brute by Eve Adams

Eve Adams first full length Romance novel is available free on Amazon Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July. This is the first book in the ‘Pine Point’ series. Also available in paperback.

Brute cover


“Brute,” by Eve Adams is the first steamy romance novel in the “Pine Point” series.

Welcome to Pine Point, North Carolina, where the summers aren’t the only thing that are too hot to handle.

Heathe Campbell is a sexy, hardworking mountain man. Good with his hands, bad with his manners—at least in the beginning.

Bianca Stone is a big city girl from Los Angeles, with a quick tongue and a no-nonsense attitude.

When she comes to Pine Point to help her very pregnant sister get ready for the baby’s arrival, she will get more than she bargained for. Surely this thing she has for Heathe is just a passing attraction, they’re like night and day. How could it ever work between them when they’re so different? They do say opposites attract…but that isn’t the only hurdle standing in their way. When a secret is revealed, it might just change things for them forever.

If you like your romance steamy and emotional, where true love matters, this is the perfect book for you.

*This is a 60k word novel that contains steamy, descriptive love scenes.

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