Wilko and more books

Since hearing , in fact even before I heard, that Wilko Johnson had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, I have been obsessed with watching old clips of Dr Feelgood (obviously with Wilko playing guitar) on YouTube. I just cannot seem to get enough of his unique, choppy guitar style lately. Such sad news about a true legend.

Books wise I have finished ‘Books v. Cigarettes’ and moved on to ‘The Art of Fiction’ by David Lodge for my reading at work book. I am still reading Proust and a Jason Bourne novel. So lots of variety in my reading. I am still enjoying the Proust and every time I read some of it I seem to feel that he is talking directly to me. So many of the things that he writes resonate deeply with me. I suppose that is the mark of a good book. If it can make us feel like we are connected with the author in some way, that we are not the only person who feels a certain way about something.

Nothing much more to add today as I have quite a busy evening, but more soon, hopefully something a little more interesting too. I am trying, believe me!

Sunday Snow and Books

I’ve been very disappointed with the weather the last few days. The weather forecast has been telling me that it is snowing where I am, but I haven’t seen any snow falling at all. Admittedly there is snow on the ground, but that fell either before I got home from work on Friday or during the Friday night when I was asleep. I love to sit in the house and watch the snow falling. I find it extremely relaxing and peaceful. Typically as I am writing this there are a few flakes beginning to fall, very small ones at the moment but hopefully it will get bigger and I will get to enjoy the snow.

I am still reading Proust and the George Orwell book. I should finish ‘Books v. Cigarettes’ today, so will need to find a new lunchtime read for work. Not something too heavy, like the Proust, as sometimes it can be a little hard to concentrate in the staff room, with people talking all around you. I may have a look at ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami and see how I get on with that. I had a bit of an Amazon spending spree just before Christmas and have thirty or so books that I ordered that I still need to read, ranging from more of ‘In Search of Lost Time’ by Proust to some Jack Kerouac to a few trashy novels.

For some reason someone thought that it would be a good idea to site a cheap bookstore right next to the opticians that I had to visit over the Christmas break for an eye test. Naturally I didn’t leave the bookshop without ten or so books, spending longer ion there than in the opticians. Entering a book shop has always been a little bit dangerous for me as I just love the look, feel, smell of books. I want to have them on my shelves, even if I do not intend to actually read them. In fairness I do try to control the purchase of books that I don’t intend to read, unless of course they are something that I just want to collect.

Well, the snow hasn’t really improved much in the time it took to write this. A very poor show. Going to watch the Chelsea-Arsenal game now, hopefully we’ll get an Arsenal win.



Books v. Cigarettes

I am still managing to have a lunch break at work and I have been keeping one book aside to read only during this time. The book is ‘Books v. Cigarettes’ by George Orwell. It is a collection of a number of short essays on different topics such as ‘bookshop memories’ and the title essay. This was his musings about his spending on books versus cigarettes in response to suggestions that reading was an expensive pastime. I am enjoying the book immensely. It was very interesting reading his assumptions on his spending on both books and cigarettes/beer and his comparisons of the cost per hour of entertainment.

Proust is on the back burner at the moment, but I expect I will return to the next book in the series at the weekend. I should have plenty of free time, barring anything unexpected arising.

Not much else happening at the moment. I did however buy a digital camera the other day. My first one. I wanted something to take photographs with in order to remember things that I see that I want to write about. I have never been much of a photo taker and am not sure whether I will actually get a great deal of use out of it. Still, if one picture paints a thousand words then having pictures of locations that I want to use in my writing will hopefully allow me to better craft more descriptive narrative than just trying to remember the images and feelings I have of a place. Providing a prompt if you will.