Happy Birthday, Pam

cakeToday is Pam’s birthday.

That makes today a most auspicious day. I wanted a way to wish Pam a happy birthday and to let her know that I hope it is a most special day and that the next year brings her much happiness. So happy birthday, Pam. Here are a few things I learned about having a birthday today (shamelessly stolen from random places on the internet, that I cannot even remember – see, I can admit my penchant for plagiarism).

Being born on the 18th September means that you are a Chief. You are the glue that holds people together, fighting for a common cause. You excel in both work situations and social gatherings.
As a chief you are a good leader and have the ability to inspire others. Crimson red is your power colour and a snowflake your symbol. You are all powerful in the month of September. Your strength of incredible emotional maturity is countered by a weakness that allows you to be worn down by accepting too many responsibilities.

So what  is a birthday?

It marks the anniversary of the day you made your appearance in this world and the start of that incredible journey we call life. It is a celebration of this fact for you and those special people that are a part of your life.

As each new year begins we can look back at the past year, at the new friends we have made, the new relationships and bonds that have been forged, our achievements, our failures. At our last birthday we may not have known some of the people that we now consider integral to our lives, as friends or lovers, or even just as acquaintances. We can also look forward to the new experiences that each additional year brings. Everything changes with time, and that time is marked by our birthdays.

Have an incredible birthday Pam. I hope that today is everything you want.

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