What’s in a Book?


What’s in a Book?

What’s in a book?
Between the covers
Let’s take a look
At the wonders inside

Whether fact or fiction
Novel or poetry
Written with perfect diction
Or slovenly prose

What about genre
Romance or mystery
Fantasy or horror
Thriller or erotica

Escape the mundane
Visit the fantastic
Magical worlds
Imagination elastic

So what’s in a book?
Now you know
Anything you like
Go on give it a go

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A collection of poetry celebrating the beauty of the random. There is no thematic link to these poems, they touch upon almost any subject that crossed the author’s mind in the moment. They were born from a series of journal notes made over the course of a number of months. This collection is an eclectic mix of poems and range from love poetry to landscapes, children, paranormal, science and technology, and animals, with a lot of other topics thrown in for good measure.