Interview with The Talented Ionia Martin

Fantastic interview from John Howell, with the incredible Ionia Martin. Check it out.

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John:  Before we start and before Ionia gets here, I have to tell you I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I have the opportunity to ask Ionia Martin a series of questions which have been designed to gain additional knowledge about this talented and beautiful person’s decision to become a reviewer. So why be nervous you ask? Why not be nervous? Can you imagine having the opportunity to ask really good questions of an icon and then come up short? . . . Er . . . let me rephrase that. Can you imagine having the opportunity of asking really good questions and then falling flat on your ass because the questions are too mundane or have been asked one hundred times before? To prevent this catastrophic situation I did extensive research and memorized every single interview Ionia has done over…

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My Love

(for Ionia)

I want to express my love,
In thought and word and deed.
To let you always know,
You fill my every need.

I want to express my love,
In every single way,
Because I will always love you,
Until my dying day

Authors Note: The final line is a poetic device only, since we all know that I shall love Ionia in this life, the next, and beyond, eternally.

Hopefully this post will not impact upon my previous one by adding another poem to the competition pool at this late juncture. Check out the competition here.

Hear ye, Hear ye – No, Really, Hear Me!

Inspired by Pam’s recent post, ‘In Love’, where she also included an audio version of one of her poems, I thought I would like to maybe do that. Since I am not as prolific as Pam, I thought that I would read one of the poems that I have already posted on this blog.

So I am running a competition to decide which poem I shall read out. To see the pool of poems to choose from click here. This is the Ionia category, also accessible at the right hand side of the page. I picked this selection of poetry, since you all know that my world revolves around this woman that is the love of my life, and frankly all of my poetry is dedicated to her anyway. Have a look and see which poem, if any, you would like to hear me read, and then pop back here and let me know in the comments.

After some non-specified duration, basically when I get around to it, I can then tot up the myriad votes, or at least check the one poor lonesome comment, and post an audio version of me reading it. This assumes that I can work out how to do that.

I don’t want to leave

I make no excuses for the following making me sound like a whiny baby. Fuck it, I think I am perfectly justified in whining a little when I have to be parted, for any amount of time, from the woman I love, Ionia Martin.


I don’t want to leave,

I keep repeating this phrase.

I don’t want to leave,

I am in a mindless daze.


I don’t want to leave,

Home is wherever you are.

I don’t want to leave,

I need my guiding star.


I don’t want to leave,

To return to a living hell.

I don’t want to leave,

To become an empty shell.


I don’t want to leave,

Because I love you with all my heart.

I don’t want to leave,

Since we should never be apart.

Waiting for You

I have been waiting for you,

My entire life,

It has been a long hard road,

Filled with strife


I never imagined it could,

Happen to me,

To find a woman that matched,

So perfectly


I know that the battle,

Is far from won,

But in my heart,

You are number one


The road still to travel,

Will be tough,

But having your love,

Is always enough


Finally together,

Whatever we’ve weathered,

Permanent bliss,

Love untethered

And Now the World it Spins Again

spinning worldThe temporary conclusion of the spinning world cycle, (as I have retrospectively decided to dub this set of linked poems), as this cycle will only truly end when I am together permanently with the love of my life. Sadly this cycle will no doubt be repeated a number of times before it can reach its ultimate perfect conclusion.


And now the world it spins again

But only for a while

And then we shall begin again

To endure our difficult trial


For now though, all is perfect

Back here in your arms

To look upon your pretty face

And all your heavenly charms


Even though the real world

Rears its ugly head

Every moment spent with you

Fills my heart with joy


Someday will eventually come

And we shall be together

Sharing this one life of ours

Always and forever.

Angst and Longing Prompt – CSB

A poem for the Angst and Longing prompt posted by Ionia Martin on the Community Storyboard

We just want to be together

Don’t they know we want to be together,
For more than ninety days,
Can’t they get it through their heads,
Forever and one day

No, you cannot stay,
You’ve got to go away,
Yes, you can come again,
In another ninety days

This is just insupportable,
To be separated like this,
When I just want to hold you,
Always in eternal bliss

To be at their total mercy,
Our future in their hands,
Don’t do it just as they say,
And you’ll end up getting banned

Still I will persist,
To fight until nothing’s left,
To find a way to stay with you,
Until my dying breath

My Love

life1Another short poem dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia. Ionia inspires me in so very many ways. She is a truly remarkable woman.

My love,
Turns the dark into light,
Makes my world bright

My love,
Brings joy,
Where once there was sorrow

My love,
Makes this life worth living,
Where once I merely existed

My love,
Makes everything real,
Has taught me how to feel

My love,
Has taught me the meaning,
Of unconditional love

My love,
Makes me a better man

My love,
Makes me feel like,
The luckiest man alive

My love, is Ionia,
Always and forever.