Sunday Snow and Books

I’ve been very disappointed with the weather the last few days. The weather forecast has been telling me that it is snowing where I am, but I haven’t seen any snow falling at all. Admittedly there is snow on the ground, but that fell either before I got home from work on Friday or during the Friday night when I was asleep. I love to sit in the house and watch the snow falling. I find it extremely relaxing and peaceful. Typically as I am writing this there are a few flakes beginning to fall, very small ones at the moment but hopefully it will get bigger and I will get to enjoy the snow.

I am still reading Proust and the George Orwell book. I should finish ‘Books v. Cigarettes’ today, so will need to find a new lunchtime read for work. Not something too heavy, like the Proust, as sometimes it can be a little hard to concentrate in the staff room, with people talking all around you. I may have a look at ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami and see how I get on with that. I had a bit of an Amazon spending spree just before Christmas and have thirty or so books that I ordered that I still need to read, ranging from more of ‘In Search of Lost Time’ by Proust to some Jack Kerouac to a few trashy novels.

For some reason someone thought that it would be a good idea to site a cheap bookstore right next to the opticians that I had to visit over the Christmas break for an eye test. Naturally I didn’t leave the bookshop without ten or so books, spending longer ion there than in the opticians. Entering a book shop has always been a little bit dangerous for me as I just love the look, feel, smell of books. I want to have them on my shelves, even if I do not intend to actually read them. In fairness I do try to control the purchase of books that I don’t intend to read, unless of course they are something that I just want to collect.

Well, the snow hasn’t really improved much in the time it took to write this. A very poor show. Going to watch the Chelsea-Arsenal game now, hopefully we’ll get an Arsenal win.