London trip

I have been checking out a blog recently, after following a like on one of my posts back. The blog is  The Matilda Project. I have really enjoyed looking at this blog as it describes different bookshops that have been visited by the blogger; there is even a map. There are quite a few bookshops described that are in London, the bloggers home turf. I personally tend to shy away from London, only visiting when absolutely necessary. I do not enjoy the number of people that are always around. However, I am going to a lunchtime meeting on Friday at the Gilbert Scott restaurant in St Pancras. As I will be in London I thought I would try to visit a few of the bookshops mentioned on the Matilda Project. Only those within walking distance of Kings Cross as I would rather avoid the tube if possible. One of the bookshops is Housmans radical booksellers, which appears to be just around the corner from the station on Caledonian Road. There appear to be a few other shops mentioned on the blog that could be within walking distance, although you can often not tell from the maps how far they really are.

Hopefully it will be interesting. I should arrive a couple of hours before my meeting so have plenty of time to mooch around some bookshops. I just need to be careful not to end up buying too many books which I will then need to take to the meeting and carry around for the rest of the day.

If anyone has any bookshops to recommend within walking distance of Kings Cross please comment.