Holy Crap!

Yes. I will say it again. Holy Crap! Have I really not posted here since the 1st of October. It appears so. At least it was October this year, I guess. Why? Why have you not posted in so long I hear you ask. Or maybe that is just the voices in my head again. Well the truth is that I have been splitting my time between abiding in heavenly raptures, and wallowing in self-pity. Does the fact that I have managed a post mean that I am no longer wallowing? Well, no. I am still wallowing. Wallowing like a hippo in mud.

hippoI have also been working on a double top secret project that I shall shortly reveal to one and all. No! Not now. Not that shortly. Be patient. I am very excited about this project and, as is my wont, shall no doubt divulge the details far sooner than is apposite.

top secretFor now please allow me to present my apologies to one and all for not posting for so long. Notice how I keep using that phrase, ‘One and all’? It is almost as if I have the, probably misguided, belief that more than one follower remains to read this after the extended fallow period to which I have subjected them.

So, I am back, at least for now, and then most likely only sporadically. Back to amaze and dazzle you with my charm and wit, with the beauty and wonder of my eloquence.

Naturally this depends upon my proclivity for wallowing. But, hey, it is warm here in the mud