Depths of the Ocean

I have always been rather fond of the ocean. Fascinated in fact. There is such a variety of life to see and interesting places to explore. I used to snorkel as a child, in the murky depths of the Atlantic ocean. Well in the shallows at least, and even there it was possible to see wonders you could never experience on dry land. In particular I have always had a fondness for fish, especially tropical fish. In fact I had a whole tank of fish of my own, all called Mr Bubbles, at one point.

So, enough of the random.

Check out the wonders and beauty of the deep in these two adult color books themed around the ocean.

Underwater World

underwater world


Sail away into a world not visible from the surface. Here you will find a variety of plant and animal life under the sea to color and make your own. With a veriety of designs ranging in complexity, this book will suit your every coloring desire. Featuring single-sided pages for prevention of bleed through and easy framing, as well as hand selected designs, this book was created with the artistic minded at heart.

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Underwater Universe

underwater universe


The ocean is magical, beautiful, and mostly unexplored. Step into the unknown with this color book of beautiful and fascinating images for you to color and adorn as you choose. The images have been carefully selected to ensure a variety of complexity and different choices. Created with the colorist in mind, this book also features single-sided pages to prevent bleed through, allowing you to frame them and use a whole range of favorite coloring tools. Slip beneath the waves and relax as you color your own underwater universe.

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Wilbur Took Flight

In honour of Wilbur’s first flight and the woman that I love I have penned, well typed off the cuff, a short poetic celebration of both.





Wilbur took flight
And headed for sea
An incredible sight
A favour for me

No one would expect
A blackbird to fly
O’er the ocean intact
No one but I

Onwards he flew,
Disregarding red lights,
Over to you,
Ignoring the sights

Able to do,
This task with such ease,
To fly to you,
Whenever he please

To deliver my message,
He came from above,
And with my gage
He carried my love

He chirped in your ear,
My missive and plan
Soon you shall be,
Back with your man

Though not a dove,
He did surely endeavour,
To be a sign of my love,
Always and forever