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Stars Above (alouette)

Starry nights shine bright
Thousands of wee lights
Constellations light the sky
Darkness shows contrast
While clouds have gone past
Suspended in time up high

Pisces and Leo
Taurus and Virgo
Constellations light the sky
Libra, Pegasus
Worlds of tiny lights float by

©2014 Poetry by Pamela, all rights reserved.

This is just a sample of the poetry you will find in Voices of Nature. There are dozens more poems for you to savor.


You can buy it here for only $.99 for Kindle – it also available in paperback ($7.19) on Amazon.

Poetry gives voice to what the eyes see and the heart hears.

Inspiration exists all around us. Beauty can be found in the laughter of a child or the blooms of a tree. Poems are one person’s interpretation of the world seen through their eyes and felt in their heart. Poetry is soul food – plain and simple.

Voices of Nature is a collection of poems that reflect the inherent splendor of nature all around us. This book utilizes a variety of poetry forms to paint word pictures.

One review said “The sheer variety of styles in this poetry book is amazing. Haiku, triple haiku, acrostic, rondeau, and so many others. Even better is that they explain the poems in the back, which is a great service to the curious reader.

Each poem is clear and paints a perfect picture of nature. Though, I have an odd feeling that both poets were tired of winter since that had the most amount of poems out of the season sections. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did love the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ acrostic for the imagery and ‘New Day’ for the complicated style and bringing an odd sense of serene closure to the book.

I would highly recommend this poetry book. Even if you’re not into poetry, the pieces for every season will probably have you going ‘I thought the same thing.’

Pamela previously released a collection of love poems titled Dreams of Love with several five star reviews. She has been writing for a short time, but pours her soul into her poetry.

Kirsten collaborated on a collection called Hope’s Flight.

This is a collection created by two poets – Pamela B and Kirsten A.
Both women enjoy exploring various topics and poetry forms. Many forms are represented in Voices of Nature (along with a short description of the forms for your convenience). Buy Voices of Nature for only $.99 today and experience the wonders all around us.

How much longer?

I love this poem by Pam. Check it out, and have a peruse of the many beautiful poems on her blog.

Poetry by Pamela

How much longer must I wait
I’m impatient, you see and my feelings won’t abate

How much longer will it be
To see your eyes light up when me you see

How much longer til I don’t count the days
And you are next to me as our bodies sway

How much longer will go by
Until we can join hands and fly to the sky.

How much longer must I wait
My darling I need you now…don’t be late

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Hear ye, Hear ye – No, Really, Hear Me!

Inspired by Pam’s recent post, ‘In Love’, where she also included an audio version of one of her poems, I thought I would like to maybe do that. Since I am not as prolific as Pam, I thought that I would read one of the poems that I have already posted on this blog.

So I am running a competition to decide which poem I shall read out. To see the pool of poems to choose from click here. This is the Ionia category, also accessible at the right hand side of the page. I picked this selection of poetry, since you all know that my world revolves around this woman that is the love of my life, and frankly all of my poetry is dedicated to her anyway. Have a look and see which poem, if any, you would like to hear me read, and then pop back here and let me know in the comments.

After some non-specified duration, basically when I get around to it, I can then tot up the myriad votes, or at least check the one poor lonesome comment, and post an audio version of me reading it. This assumes that I can work out how to do that.

Blog Tour: Dreams of Love by Pamela


Description: Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to reader in the pages.

Various poetry forms are explored: free verse, tanka (5-7-5-7-7), doidotsu (7-7-7-5) and etheree (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10).

Dreams of Love

Dreams of you and me
Together in ev’ry way
Your lips pressed to mine
Assuring me of your love
Dreams of love eternally

Purchase here!

pamelaPamela began writing poetry in just the last year. She is a nonprofit executive by day and spends her hours trying to be sure that everyone has a chance for a good life. Pamela is passionate about her job and it spills over into her writing. Dreams of Love is her debut poetry collection. Pamela feels that poetry can be very personal but invites you into her soul as you read her poems.


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Poetry by Pamela
Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project

Dreams of Love

Check out Pamela’s beautiful collection of love poems ‘Dreams of Love’.

Dreams of Love

Get it here on amazon.com or, if you are in rainy old England then for the low price of only 77p you can be the proud owner of this awesome collection of poetry by heading on over to here on amazon.co.uk

It will be well worth your time to head on over to Pam’s blog here for more examples of her work and to find out a bit about this great writer.

Happy Birthday, Pam

cakeToday is Pam’s birthday.

That makes today a most auspicious day. I wanted a way to wish Pam a happy birthday and to let her know that I hope it is a most special day and that the next year brings her much happiness. So happy birthday, Pam. Here are a few things I learned about having a birthday today (shamelessly stolen from random places on the internet, that I cannot even remember – see, I can admit my penchant for plagiarism).

Being born on the 18th September means that you are a Chief. You are the glue that holds people together, fighting for a common cause. You excel in both work situations and social gatherings.
As a chief you are a good leader and have the ability to inspire others. Crimson red is your power colour and a snowflake your symbol. You are all powerful in the month of September. Your strength of incredible emotional maturity is countered by a weakness that allows you to be worn down by accepting too many responsibilities.

So what  is a birthday?

It marks the anniversary of the day you made your appearance in this world and the start of that incredible journey we call life. It is a celebration of this fact for you and those special people that are a part of your life.

As each new year begins we can look back at the past year, at the new friends we have made, the new relationships and bonds that have been forged, our achievements, our failures. At our last birthday we may not have known some of the people that we now consider integral to our lives, as friends or lovers, or even just as acquaintances. We can also look forward to the new experiences that each additional year brings. Everything changes with time, and that time is marked by our birthdays.

Have an incredible birthday Pam. I hope that today is everything you want.

Happy Birthday, La mulţi ani, Penblwydd Hapus, Zorional zuri, Penn-bloedh Lowen, Joyeux anniversaire, Feliz aniversario, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Boldog születésnapot, Buon compleanno, Felix dies natalis, Sveikinu gimtadienio proga, Gratulerer med dagen, Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, ¡feliz cumpleaños!, ad infinitum