Quentin Hide and the Evil Lord Twigton by Dean Kealy

QuentinHideQuentin Hide and the Evil Lord Twigton by Dean Kealy

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Young Quentin Hide has just graduated from the Dragon Academy of Knights and Warriors, and with a new quest in his pocket, he’s off on his first adventure, but little does Quentin know, this may also be his last!

Quentin Hide and The Evil Lord Twigton was first seen on the blog: deanzdoodlez.com but see it here and now in all its glory with never before seen illustrations included!

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

I was deliberating between three and four stars for this book, but decided that the inventiveness of the story and the entertainment provided warranted four.

This was a short story, that was quick, easy and very fun to read. I did think that the manner in which it was written was overly simplistic in nature. I will freely admit that I tend to be particularly critical about the more technical aspects of writing. I did, however, find that the strength of the story allowed me to mostly ignore this and enjoy it for what it was. A fun and inventive story.

I liked the characters of Quentin Hide and also the Evil Lord Twigton. They were well enough developed to feel very real, especially within the confines of a short story. I also loved the location of the professor’s office and his reasoning for it.

I really liked the plot twists, and I did not see them coming. This is, I think, for me, one of the marks of a good story, being surprised by events.

I would recommend this to others as  a quick, fun read. It  is reasonably short and a lot happened in these few pages. If you want to be entertained with some laughs for half an hour then it is definitely well worth a read.