I have been having trouble writing lately. Just general free writing, nothing specific, but this morning I seemed to have no trouble at all. Everything just flowed easily. I think it may have been going out for a few beers last night and totally relaxing freed things up. I was amazed at how easily I could write, even with the inevitable headache and sick feeling from the excesses of last night. I am not sure that indulging my vices is the way forward to keep writing but it appears to have been a solution on this occasion. I am even catching up on my reading today, which I have also been neglecting. Catching up on the Proust and Robert Ludlum books. Perhaps I will have a chance to look into the other books I have on the go at the moment. I like to have a variety of books available to read, depending on my mood, which changes frequently. I usually have about five or six books that I am reading concurrently, although I prioritise some more than others. I have been working on my journal too.


How many of you keep a writer’s journal?

What do you write in your journal?

I like to use my journal for all sorts – ideas for characters, plots, story ideas, words and phrases that I like from books, tv, songs or anywhere really. I find it really useful as a record of my thoughts on a daily basis and I can expand on the ideas at a later date. Often what starts just as a simple prompt can be expanded into a full blown story.

Unfortunately the lack of sleep from last night is catching up with me, so time to take a nap I think.