Spaghetti Strings


Balancing on spaghetti strings
Across the roiling sea.
Teetering, and tottering,
To where we want to be.

Traversing this endless minefield,
Is not an easy task.
We need a map, or compass,
A helpful, handy pass

Their words of advice are not,
Always useful tools.
Our minds are overloaded,
With oh so many rules.

But, no matter all these laws
That try to bind me here.
I will always come to you,
Have no doubt or fear.

I belong with you,
And you belong with me.
No matter what they try to do,
We shall make them see.

Our love it is transcendent,
And I am always yours.
Together we are perfect,
Our love it truly soars.

So Far Away

Just a few short lines dedicated to the love of my life, since I am missing her, as I always am, when I am here and she is there.

So far away,
Lost without you.
I know that someday
This shan’t be true

I yearn for that day,
There by your side,
When I can stay,
With you as my bride

Living our future,
Together each day.
Our great adventure,
Soon, I do pray

Growing old,
Together each night.
Always to hold,
You, as is right

When this day comes,
Eternally united.
Our battle won,
All wrongs righted.

You are my Heaven

Consigned to hell,
Then free,
To find my heaven

In purgatory,
Soon free,
Inside my heaven

You freed me from hell, and became my heaven
Whilst purgatory keeps me, from being with you
When I escape this rock of our pain,
I shall join you, my love,
Together again

You are my heaven,
My heart, my soul,
Only together,
Shall we be whole.

I love you, Ionia

I Want to be There

Even if I need to swim.







I want to be there all the time,
For the good times and the bad,
To hold you always, in my arms,
Comfort you when you are sad

I want to be there all the time,
To put a smile on your face,
To be right there, by your side
In the very same place

I want to be there all the time,
Wherever there may be,
It really does not matter where,
If you are there with me

I want to be there all the time,
To make our world complete
To share it all the time with you
And never accept defeat

I want to be there all the time
And someday, I shall be
With the woman I love so much
Together thou and me

I love you, Ionia

Time Passes So Slowly

When we are apart, time stands almost motionless.

time stands still






Time doesn’t seem to move,
It stands statue like, still.
It cares not for our groove,
And surely never will.
It acts this way when together,
Since, like a petulant child,
When we want forever,
It runs like the wind so wild
I long to be with you,
And for time to slow to stop,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
For eternity with you

Then when we are together, time doth seem to fly.

time flies by

On Gossamer Wings


On Gossamer Wings


On gossamer wings,
On gossamer wings,
My heart it flies to you.
To be together,
‘till the end of days
Is all that’s left to do.

Flying high,
‘cross the ocean blue,
To where it now belongs.
Cradled within,
A soul so true,
Amidst angelic song.

And soon now,
Oh, so very soon,
The body will be along.
To join the heart,
To fill the void,
Back where I belong.

I don’t want to leave

I make no excuses for the following making me sound like a whiny baby. Fuck it, I think I am perfectly justified in whining a little when I have to be parted, for any amount of time, from the woman I love, Ionia Martin.


I don’t want to leave,

I keep repeating this phrase.

I don’t want to leave,

I am in a mindless daze.


I don’t want to leave,

Home is wherever you are.

I don’t want to leave,

I need my guiding star.


I don’t want to leave,

To return to a living hell.

I don’t want to leave,

To become an empty shell.


I don’t want to leave,

Because I love you with all my heart.

I don’t want to leave,

Since we should never be apart.