What month is it?

I had a bit of a shock when I arrived home this evening. I thought I had wandered into a wormhole or something, experienced some sort of temporal displacement. As far as I was aware it was May, Springtime. Obviously I was mistaken, it must be January. I got out of the car and found, to my surprise what looked like snow, all along the bottom of the wall of my house. I touched it. It felt cold and wet like snow does, but how could it be here, in May. Then all of a sudden it started to hail quite heavily. I then realised that the ‘snow’ was probably the remains of an earlier hail shower that I had missed. But hail in May? What’s that all about then? It isn’t even that cold here at the moment.

I went into the house and I could hear the sound of it battering down on the roof and windows. I quite like the sound, but I can’t get over the randomness of the weather at the moment. It’s mad!

Finally it has stopped. I was hoping for nice weather tomorrow as I am going out for the day to start the bank holiday weekend off. Looks like rain probably. Oh well. You can’t let the weather stop you doing what you want to do.

And Finally the Snow Comes

I thought I would get a good night’s sleep Friday night after my long week so I went to bed, read for a bit and settled down to sleep by about 23:00. Then, for some unknown reason I awoke at 04:00, wide awake, with a myriad of thoughts swirling around my mind. They were not even interesting thoughts being mostly about work. I was so wide awake that I got up and wrote for a bit until about 05:30 when I began to get sleepy. So back to bed for an hour and I was awake again. I spent the rest of the day Saturday feeling pretty groggy when I should have been nicely rested. C’est la vie!

And finally it is snowing here. With much of the rest of the country suffering from atrocious weather conditions, even to the extent of cars being completely buried by drifting snow, I have been poorly disappointed by the snow fall here. We had a little yesterday that finally settled, but only a couple of inches, and then nothing more until now, when the snow picks the moment that most of the previous fall has begun to melt. I suppose I should consider us lucky not to have been suffering with poor weather, but I do so enjoy a good covering of snow. At least until it is time to go to work.

Well it has been a relaxing weekend, as anticipated, and the reading has been going well, as has the writing. So, relaxing and productive. What more could I have asked for. I am just going to sit and stare at the swirling snow for a bit before I carry on with Proust.