Time Passes So Slowly

When we are apart, time stands almost motionless.

time stands still






Time doesn’t seem to move,
It stands statue like, still.
It cares not for our groove,
And surely never will.
It acts this way when together,
Since, like a petulant child,
When we want forever,
It runs like the wind so wild
I long to be with you,
And for time to slow to stop,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
For eternity with you

Then when we are together, time doth seem to fly.

time flies by

The Passage of time – 2, 23, 10, 16







The Passage of time

It must be a crime

It surely must know

It passes so slow


I want to be there

My hands in your hair

Your lips so sweet

Mine will soon again meet


Your body against mine

Before I am out of the line

Before anyone can ask

My hands on your…


And then to our couch

Where we shall slouch

Why can’t it last forever

This time we are together