I Feel Like a POME

prison cell








I feel like a POME,
Stuck on this rock,
Waiting to come home,
Watching the clock.
And when the time comes,
I travel with glee.
The jet engine thrums,
As I fly o’er the sea.
Then we are together,
The whole world right.
It should be forever,
This heavenly light.
But before we know it,
The hands have turned.
It really is shit,
We should have learned
Time has passed,
In the blink of an eye.
We should have asked
The gods in the sky
To stop the passage,
The passage of time,
When we’re together,
And life is sublime.
Dedicated to my version of heaven, Ionia.

heavenly light

Time Passes So Slowly

When we are apart, time stands almost motionless.

time stands still






Time doesn’t seem to move,
It stands statue like, still.
It cares not for our groove,
And surely never will.
It acts this way when together,
Since, like a petulant child,
When we want forever,
It runs like the wind so wild
I long to be with you,
And for time to slow to stop,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
For eternity with you

Then when we are together, time doth seem to fly.

time flies by

303rd Post

I had an insanely, incredible article ready to post as my 300th and then what did I do. I missed it completely and now am on the 303rd post. Damn it! I guess the awesomeness will have to wait for the 400th.






Anyway, since I am unable to reveal the content of that post at the current time, I shall instead take a moment to mention that following on from my fundamental research into the mysteries of time that there are

231,000 seconds in

2 days, 16 hours and 10 minutes

which is interestingly, 172,980 seconds less than there are in 4 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes

Slave to Time

Do you let yourself become a slave to the clock? I know that I do. I create schedules for myself. You know the sort of thing. 30 minutes for this, one hour for that and so on. Then I carry out that task and if I am in the middle of something, I will still usually stop, in order to follow my schedule. Still, it helps me achieve things that I wouldn’t normally. I think it comes from the pleasure I get in ticking off each of those tasks as they are completed.I seem to remember having written something like this recently. I do apologise if I have said any of this before.

Strangely though this doesn’t seem to work in my day job. All that happens is that the list gets longer and longer until I eventually just throw it away starting a new one with the most important tasks. Mostly these are written on post-its. My desk has almost disappeared under the mass of yellow rectangles. Maybe the way I view tasks to be completed at work is different to the way I view personal ones.

Do you find yourself tied to the clock? Do you just take it as it comes? Strangely I have been known to do the latter too, depending on my mood.