Once Upon a Time

There once was a time,
Nothing made sense,
No reason or rhyme,
A life of pretence.

I was always alone,
In miserable solitude,
Love unknown,
A different longitude.

And then the joy,
Of two as one,
As girl met boy,
’twas a miracle done.

And then I knew,
With all my heart,
All I wanted was you,
And life did start.

Now I know,
You’re my everything,
You fill my heart,
You make it sing.

Joy and happiness,
You bring to me,
All I want,
Is for us to be free.

Together forever,
Never apart,
Eternally united,
One single heart.

I Want to be There

Even if I need to swim.







I want to be there all the time,
For the good times and the bad,
To hold you always, in my arms,
Comfort you when you are sad

I want to be there all the time,
To put a smile on your face,
To be right there, by your side
In the very same place

I want to be there all the time,
Wherever there may be,
It really does not matter where,
If you are there with me

I want to be there all the time,
To make our world complete
To share it all the time with you
And never accept defeat

I want to be there all the time
And someday, I shall be
With the woman I love so much
Together thou and me

I love you, Ionia

The Passage of time – 2, 23, 10, 16







The Passage of time

It must be a crime

It surely must know

It passes so slow


I want to be there

My hands in your hair

Your lips so sweet

Mine will soon again meet


Your body against mine

Before I am out of the line

Before anyone can ask

My hands on your…


And then to our couch

Where we shall slouch

Why can’t it last forever

This time we are together