Perfect Mother’s day Gift


Mother’s Day US – Sunday 8th May 2016

Looking for the perfect way to show your mother how much she means to you this Mother’s Day? Put a little color into her life with this themed color book.



Mothers are wonderful. They take the time to teach us, to help us grow and they love us unconditionally. Here’s your chance to show your favourite mum just how much she means to you with this special keepsake colouring book. This book is filled with images of motherly love to show the special lady in your life that you are thinking of her, any day and any time. Why just celebrate mum on a single day of the year? Show her you love her any time by offering her a chance to relax and enjoy herself as she uses her favourite art supplies to make this book truly hers. Created with mums in mind, this book has a little of everything for all different skill levels. Have fun and enjoy!

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Don’t forget this year. Your mother deserves a treat.

The Matching Journey of the Hero & Author

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Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Thank you to Ionia for letting me announce that the first book of my fantasy series, Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero, will be marked down to free.  It’s been a long ride with this volume since I first published it in early 2013.  Prior to that, I started working on it in late 1998 and now I just feel old.  So, what do I want to talk about here?

Looking back, I can see how Luke Callindor and I have changed.  Neither of us had much of an idea of what we were doing.  He stumbled into the path of a demonic assassin and the Lich while I tripped into the world of self-publishing.  Our flaws were certainly different with him being the more confident of the two and me being a lot more cautious.  Odd how Luke and I don’t really…

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I love my pink giraffe

J and I Publishing

Color books are a wonderful thing. Granted, in the beginning when I heard about adult color books, I really thought that was something XXX that I wanted no part of. But as the craze grew, I went from thinking that it was some porn form I should be afraid of, to thinking “Who on earth over the age of ten has time for coloring?” The answer, it turned out, was me.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you can take ten minutes to drink a cup of tea or coffee or check your Facebook status, then you can take the time to color and create a meditation moment to relax yourself through coloring.

One of the beauties of colors books, is that you can have full control to make the pictures your own. Whereas we don’t have control over many other things in our life, when you pick…

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Thank you Wendell for helping to promote Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero, which will now be available for free. Looking back at the first book of my series, I’ve beginningofaheropicked up on how it’s become darker. Yet there’s still some humor in there to prevent things from going entirely over the edge.

When Luke Callindor’s adventures started, he would stumble into comical situations and there was a joking comradery with his friends. This was definitely a lighthearted YA romp full of action and amusement. Beginning of a Hero had some emotional and semi-dark events, which usually involved the Lich or the Hellfire Elf. Still, even the bad guys had the occasional moment of levity. The book was definitely a different beast than the later ones.

I’m not sure when things changed so much, but I’m pretty sure it can be blamed on a certain villain showing up in…

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Where Do You like to Color?

J and I Publishing

So, here at J and I Publishing we have been pondering recently a question of extreme importance. One of the last truly deep, spiritual, mystical questions left in the universe. Where is it that people like to color the books that we release?

So we decided to ask you.

Do you like to color at home in the sun room, in bed, snuggled up on the sofa, up at the table, out back on the deck, at the beach?

Personally I rather enjoy taking a pack of pens and a book to the park on a nice sunny day and coloring outside.

But what about you? Where do you like to color?

Why not let us know in the comments.

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Rushing to the Reaper

A reminder to slow down.

Legends of Windemere

We move too fast
In everything we do
Planning every minute
To ensure all gets done
As if death is at our door

You see it on the road
People weaving into harm
As if the reaper
Is racing up behind
When he is waiting up ahead

We do it to our children
Pushing all they do
As if doom has them on the list
Planning to take them
Unless they speak at two

All our actions center
On what tomorrow holds
And how to get there fast
Skipping over days like leaves
Crushed beneath a funeral march

The quicker that we move
The faster we reach our maker
Who may ask us to our face
Why we never slowed our pace
And listened to the wind

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7 Signs You Should Go Outside

Valuable advice.

Legends of Windemere

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  1. At the urging of loved ones, including the dying orchid in the corner, you decide to open the window.  Taking a big sniff of fresh air, you promptly pass out.  Apparently, you’ve been inside for so long that your body mistook the clean air for poison.  On the plus side, your trip to the hospital counts as getting out and meeting new people, so your family will leave you alone for a week.
  2. You answer the door for Halloween and kids run screaming from your terrifying ghost costume.  You consider it a step in the right direction since last year they thought you were a zombie.  Still, you might want to do something about being paler than an albino.
  3. The slightest ray of natural sunlight causes you to do your best Gizmo from Gremlins imitation.  Complete with high-pitched screaming about the bright light and the smell of burning…

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Tangled Adventures – New Release

‘What a tangled web we weave’
When we start to color these
Select your favorite shade or hue
A coloring book just for you.

J and I Publishing

Tangled Adventures


Color in these complex tangles to help you rest and relax and create mindfulness as you make them your very own. With images hand selected by a tangle artist, these are sure to please any fan of black and white designs. The only limit is your imagination, so pick up your favorite color tool and begin. Featuring single-sided pages to avoid bleed through.

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Happy Coloring!

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Loves Burning Flame

Sometimes a man is lucky enough to be filled with passionate desire, a burning need, an unparalleled love for that perfect woman, that one true love. Many people never find ‘the one’, but when one does it is the most incredible feeling in the universe. I am that lucky man.

Passions burning desire
Loves eternal flame
An unquenchable fire,
Wild, not tame

A fervour unseen
An ardour unmatched
Never has there been
Two so attached

A sensual explosion
Two worlds did collide
A perpetual motion
A perfect ride

A euphoric ecstasy
Poured forth from my soul
You and me
Our unified goal

Only you,
Can stoke these embers
Just us two
The only members

Forever united
One single heart
Our target sighted
Never apart

I love you, Ionia