Excerpt from ‘A Poetic Proposal’

As part of the release of ‘A Poetic Proposal’ I am going to feature a poem from the book, dedicated to Ionia, each day as a taster of the wonders you can experience inside. As a bonus I shall include the audio that appeared with this when previously posted on the blog.

The first up is one of my personal favourites, and also one of Pamela’s favourites, as revealed in her excellent review which you can see here.

When I say your name







When I say your name,
And look upon your face,
That smile upon your lips,
Replete with heavenly grace

When I say your name,
A spark lights up your eyes,
My heart it soars so high,
It reaches to the skies

When I say your name,
And a glow envelops you
I can feel your love,
So deep, so pure, so true

When I say your name,
I’m filled with butterflies,
The greatest feeling ever,
No need to wonder why

When I say your name,
I add three perfect words,
I gaze into your eyes,
And say, ‘I love you, Ionia’

The book is available here and comes in both digital and paperback format. The paperbacks make handy stocking fillers for loved ones at Christmas I am told.

A Poetic ProposalAmazon US

Amazon UK

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