Excerpt 6 from ‘A Poetic Proposal’

So, here we are at the end. The end you say? The end of this weeks featured poems from, ‘A Poetic Proposal’, my collection of poetry dedicated to Ionia. Finally, I hear some of you gasp. Finally the end of reading poems that we have all seen on this blog before. Well of course. Did you think I was going to include those special ones that haven’t appeared here? Of course you didn’t. Those are reserved for readers of the book. Still, I hope that you have enjoyed the poems that have appeared here this week. Remember there are more of the same, and even some that haven’t appeared on the blog, in the book.

This poem appeared previously on the blog not so long ago in July 2014. As a bonus for your patience in reading these posts I have prepared a reading of this poem, one of my very favourites, for you.

You are my Heaven


Consigned to hell,
Then free,
To find my heaven

In purgatory,
Soon free,
Inside my heaven

You freed me from hell, and became my heaven
Whilst purgatory keeps me, from being with you
When I escape this rock of our pain,
I shall join you, my love,
Together again

You are my heaven,
My heart, my soul,
Only together,
Shall we be whole.

The book is available here and comes in both digital and paperback format. Stocking fillers! Don’t forget.

A Poetic ProposalAmazon US

Amazon UK

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