7 thoughts on “Why We Write Poetry

  1. More of a prose author, but I do write poetry when I get an idea that strikes in that form. In the past, I used poetry for quick bursts of creativity during times when I was so busy that I couldn’t touch the other stuff. One thing I do love about poetry that prose doesn’t have is that the structure is a lot more flexible. You can rhyme or not rhyme. You can have it long or short. There’s a lot more freedom than when you’re writing a novel with strict grammar and form rules.

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    • Thanks for the reblog, Charles. Interesting thoughts. I would have said that there are an awful lot of form rules in poetry which the different poetic forms out there, but I think the thing is that it is a lot easier, and more acceptable, to break the rules with poetry. Like you say rules of grammar too are more flexible and malleable. Poetic license, I guess. You do not hear of prose license.


      • Excellent point with the licenses. Never thought of that. Closest for prose is ‘creative license’, but that tends to refer to working with pre-existing creations. I’m remembering my poetry classes in college and we rarely went over specific forms. It was use the structure you feel is best for the idea. Might explain a lot about my vague style.

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      • Not sure how true this is, but it’s a thought I just had from talking to both types of authors. Most often, poetry comes from the heart with help from the brain while prose comes from the brain with help from the heart. This might just be me though.

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