More pieces of life advice authors should ignore

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Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Yesterday, I gave you three pieces of life advice novelists should feel okay disregarding as they write. Today, I wanted to examine a few more.

These are great life strategies, for sure. But when it comes to writing, sometimes, your book is better for ignoring them.

  • A CLEAN HOUSE IS A SIGN OF A WASTED LIFE. I saw this on a magnet once: the point is, a few scattered papers never hurt anyone. Make sure, though, that when you get to writing, you have some degree of organization to your process and your thoughts. Maybe that means outlining. Maybe it just means character sheets. Maybe it implies taking the time to go back and double check exactly what occurred in a previous scene you have to reference, to make sure you’re consistent. Your first drafts don’t have to be spic and span, but the chaos should at least be…

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