Strange WordPress Behaviour

Ever think that you are being got at by technology? Sometimes I feel that WordPress is doing some strange things, behaving weirdly. For some time I have been getting comments from a blog that I have not signed up for and do not really want. Odd. Then I have been sitting here thinking that this person, or that person, hasn’t posted for a while. I go and check their blog and find that they have been posting and I have just not been receiving emails when they do post. I investigate further and find that for some reason I am no longer following them. How can this be. I have not unfollowed anyone that I have started following. So unless multiple people are somehow blocking me or stopping me from following them, which is certainly possible, but since I have now refollowed them ok, seems unlikely, then something very strange is going on.

In addition, a couple of weeks ago my twitter account became disconnected from my blog. For no apparent reason.

If it seems like I have only just started following you, when in truth it has been a while, I apologise. I didn’t unfollow you, please believe me.

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced odd behaviour from WordPress? Please comment and set my mind at rest that is not just some spiteful trick that WordPress is playing on me personally?


32 thoughts on “Strange WordPress Behaviour

  1. I haven’t experienced any odd behavior from WordPress. I just know WordPress doesn’t tell me every time when I get a new follower or something of that nature. WordPress will also sometimes screw up my stats and tell me I got less views then I really did.


      • Exactly. Sometimes, too, I know I followed someone, but then they’ll make a reply to my comment, and it’ll indicate that I didn’t follow them. But whatever, I prefer wordpress over blogger just because it has sleeker designs and is friendlier, especially when you want to follow someone (none of that annoying captcha stuff).


  2. My reader was empty this morning and there have been points where people I follow don’t show up. I think there are occasional glitches in the matrix when they upgrade things and it takes time to get the kinks out or it causes a small issue.


  3. I’ve only noticed issues with the “like” feature. The reader will say I’ve liked an article, but then the like will disappear randomly. I don’t know why. For awhile my own ‘like’ count went haywire, but it seems to be back.


  4. I get strange things every once in a while. I’m interested by the ‘unfollow’ one because a few times I’ve gone to bogs I clearly remember following and yet the ‘follow’ button reads as though I’m not (when like you I’ve never unfollowed any blog)…actually happened as recenly as this morning in fact…so I press the follow button again…very strange. 🙂


  5. WordPress has always been really buggy for me. Its definitely randomly “unfollowed” people that I know for certain I was following, and often certain people won’t show up in my newsfeed (though I know they’ve posted because I see their upload to other social media sites). And my FB shows connected but stopped feeding.

    So no, you’re not going nuts!


  6. Call this an experiment. None of my previous comments have appeared. WordPress sent a notice that a Julian Froment liked my website, so I took a look at this blog and commented. The comment may have been reactionary and had something negative to say about the experience of reading Proust (compulsory in college). Whatever I took the time to write went up in smoke and is polluting the aether, so I say: Why bother?


    • That seems a little odd. I have certainly got this comment and it has not asked me to approve it suggesting that I have already approved a previous comment. I cannot see any about Proust though. What page did you comment on? Please do bother with the comments. It is always nice to receive them, as I have this one, but I do understand your point if they just disappear, it does seem like a waste of time.


  7. I find that if I approve and reply to comments in the dashboard of my site, rather than through the reader/stats area, I have less problems.

    But today, I got notified of signing up for a blog I didn’t and sometimes, the same posts show up in my reader as if the blogger is just reposting the same post every third day or so – (which may be happening, for all I know) – anyhoo – I’ve noticed slowness/glitches etc., when using the reader/stats interface only.


  8. Definitely wordpress has been decidedly odd lately. The interesting behaviour has even begin to affect my posts. On occasion I will post something and I will be the only one who can see it. I didn’t even get an email about this post. i just dropped by to see if you had posted anything lately. It truly is frustrating.


    • It certainly is. It is the unpredictable nature of it that I find most annoying. If you never got an email when people posted you could deal with that. It is because we expect to be informed that we get comfortable and begin to rely on things working correctly – and then they don’t!


  9. Yep, me too. My blog is linked to my LinkedIn and Facebook pages, when last week the Facebook link stopped working. I went to the ‘sharing’ page and stopped the Facebook share and then re-instated it. Seems okay now.


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