My Love

life1Another short poem dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia. Ionia inspires me in so very many ways. She is a truly remarkable woman.

My love,
Turns the dark into light,
Makes my world bright

My love,
Brings joy,
Where once there was sorrow

My love,
Makes this life worth living,
Where once I merely existed

My love,
Makes everything real,
Has taught me how to feel

My love,
Has taught me the meaning,
Of unconditional love

My love,
Makes me a better man

My love,
Makes me feel like,
The luckiest man alive

My love, is Ionia,
Always and forever.

53 thoughts on “My Love

  1. In my humble opinion, the skill of a poet is fueling the poem with passion. If normally the poet stumbles with his words, his passion causes him to want to express what words are not fit to describe, and through his passion he rises to the challenge and succeeds in his attempt, this passion makes the poem so much more than just words.


    • Thank you for that Chris. I agree with what you are saying. I tend to find that it is an outpouring of emotion, rather than a conscious effort to craft anything, although that is not to suggest that it doesn’t require any effort. It is from the heart, rather than the mind as such.


  2. Whomever this woman is (I checked out her blog and she looks stuck up you should really consider me instead) she is extremely lucky to be loved by you, Englishman. Also, “fuck” just because you expect it.


  3. Oh how sweet. It is so young and fresh. Delightful. You are doing very well with your poetry, Julian, and your inspiration is also remarkable. You two have the internet corner on romance 😉


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